Nautica Pools Classic Pool Deal:   $42,990

Prices may change without notice

Nautica Pools CLASSIC Pool DEAL

These Items are not included in the price:

  • Sales Tax and Construction Permits
  • Hard dig or access issues not considered normal
  • Longer plumbing runs, electrical runs or other upgrades
  • Costs for city barrier requirements
  • Custom swimming pool designed for your backyard
  • (Remember - "Begin with the end in mind!")
  • Pool Size: up to 80’ perimeter Pool and 370 sq.’ ft.’ surface area
  • Play Pool depths 3’ x 5’ x 4’ or 3' x 5'
  • Standard excavation and soil removal at excavation
  • Plumbing pressurized throughout the construction
  • Schedule 40 plumbing with 15’ plumbing runs
  • Dedicated more efficient main drain with 2 ½” Schedule 40 piping up to 20 linear feet
  • Pentair Infloor Cleaning System includes 13 G4V patented Venturi powered cleaning heads
  • “Quik-Skim”®  patented Venturi-Powered Skimmer for cleaning at low speed
  • Lifetime Warranty on infloor cleaning system includes heads, valves, gears.
  • Engineered steel reinforced shotcrete shell with 6” walls and 8” coves
  • 2 each Low Voltage LED ColorLogic Pool Lights
  • 50’ of electrical conduit & 20’ of light conduit
  • 430 SF  “HAYWARD” Quad-Cluster Cartridge Filter
  • Tri-Star 900 “HAYWARD” Variable Speed Pump
  • “Automatic Water Leveler” and pressure vacuum breaker
  • Mini Pebble Interior - Standard Colors
  • Choice of selected Ceramic waterline tile 
  • Decking: 250 sq. ft. Limestone or Travertine Pavers set on compacted ABC & Sand
  • Clean up of all construction debris
  • Start-up chemicals and maintenance kit with pole, net, brush, and test kit
  • 3 year extended Warranty on all Hayward Equipment including labor
  • ​Professional supervision throughout construction